Brink: MVHR system specs must not cut corners on distribution

Brink: MVHR system specs must not cut corners on distribution

Investing in heat recovery ventilation units without paying due attention to distribution systems may risk undermining energy performance and indoor air quality, a leading ventilation expert has warned. 

According to Tony Mahon of Ian A Kernohan Ltd: “Heat recovery ventilation is about ventilating the property without losing the heat, without creating noise and without creating a draught. There’s no point in eliminating the draughts out of a dwelling just to create another draught out of the ductwork.”

Kernohans are the Irish agents for Brink and Ubbink, sister companies within the Netherlands-based Centrotherm Group, bringing the Brink range of heat recovery ventilation systems and Ubbink ventilation distribution systems to the Irish market. “One of the big advantages of using a Brink and Ubbink system is that it’s a complete system,” said Mahon, adding that everything the company supplies – from heat recovery ventilation units, ductwork, wall vents, roof vents and condensate drains to the valves in the ceiling – is specifically designed to perform as a heat recovery ventilation system. “They’re certified airtight to eliminate unintended leakage from the ductwork, so that every cubic metre of air is delivered where needed,” he said.

All six of Brink’s newest heat recovery ventilation systems – including a decentralised unit – are passive house certified.

Ubbink’s ductwork options are all manifold systems, including pipe sizes from diameters of 63, 75 & 90mm circular pipe and 50 x 100mm and 130 x 60mm options for restricted space – which can all be interchanged. “You can interchange them all from the manifold – you’re not restricted to one option,” said Mahon. “A bigger pipe is better – as you’ll reduce resistance – but there are ways to compensate if you’re restricted to smaller diameters.”

The company can provide suggested layouts and sizing guidance for ventilation systems, whether for individual dwellings or larger projects, and now offers an optional extended warranty of five years for Brink systems, which involves an annual service call. Mahon points out that the systems score well under the EU’s new energy labelling scheme, with machines hitting A to A+ ratings. 

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