Archers becomes agent for Technopor insulating aggregate

Archers becomes agent for Technopor insulating aggregate

Archers of Ballina has become a licensed Irish stockist of Technopor glass foam aggregate.

 Technopor glass foam aggregate, a lightweight aggregate used in floor slabs and foundations, is made from 100% waste glass – glass that is no longer recyclable and would otherwise go to landfill. It is manufactured using hydro-electricity and is therefore, at least at the factory gate, zero carbon.

“No other floor slab materials — concrete and foam insulation, or other foam glass products — offers this combination of sustainability and low embedded carbon,” said William Michael of Archers.

Glass foam aggregates are produced by ‘cooking’ a mixture of ground glass and rising agents in an oven at 900C. The mixture rises and expands, filling the resultant product with air bubbles. As it cools on leaving the oven, the mixture breaks up into randomly sized and shaped granules. Each granule may appear somewhat insubstantial but when compacted, en masse, as a supporting slab the aggregate is both extremely strong and insulating.

Manufactured in Germany since 1998, Technopor has undergone rigorous testing. Despite its light weight (170kg/m3) this inert, non-toxic material has impressive compressive strength, and will support 50 tonnes per square metre.This certified load-bearing aggregate is also an excellent insulator, making it an ideal floor-slab material. Archers hold 1.5m3 bags in stock, but orders of circa 90m3 can be delivered in bulk direct from the manufacturers. Further information is available at

Established in 1912, initially as a timber importing and wholesaling business, Archers of Ballina has evolved and grown over the years, adapting to market demands and supplier offerings to become a large independent building materials supplier. The company employs 70 staff and is currently under its fourth generation of family involved management. “We are a true onestop- shop for all building requirements with specialist expertise in timber, renewables, ventilation and materials for conservation and restoration. Technopor complements our product portfolio as it is a superior, innovative ecologically sound material,” William Michael said.

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