Must listen: Zero Ambitions Podcast

Over the past two years Passive House Plus editor Jeff Colley has been moonlighting as co-host of Zero Ambitions, a weekly podcast that wrestles with the challenge of how to deliver the scale and ambition of decarbonisation and sustainability in buildings required to avoid a hellish future.

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The focus is very much on keeping listeners engaged and informed – with a necessary dose of gallows humour.

Jeff’s co-hosts are user experience experts Alex Blondin and Dan Hyde (co-founder of Passive House Plus’s progenitor, Construct Ireland), who help to ensure the podcast couches the technical minutiae that Jeff loves in a manner that might chime with different kinds of users – designers, tradespeople, policymakers and building users.

Some recent highlights:

  • Learning from our mistakes: looking back at ten retrofits, ten years later, with retrofit pioneer Marion Baeli (PDP, Passivhaus Trust)
  • Systems design for passive houses, radon research as a proxy for ventilation, and some further education. With Dr. Barry McCarron (PHAI, CREST)
  • Passive house can lead to more than just houses: community engagement, control pathologies, and propagating systemic change. With Helena Fitzgerald (Department of Economics at the University of Limerick)
  • Unconventional approaches to space heating: infra-red, ceramics, and the necessity for good design. With John Morehead (Wain Morehead Architects)
  • EPCs are just a ritual (pt. 1): fundamental flaws in how we assess energy performance and how we got here, with Adrian Leaman and Bill Bordass (
  • Retrofit, energy ratings, and improving Europe's energy performance, with Ciarán Cuffe MEP

The podcast is available wherever you listen to podcasts. But you can find all ninety-five episodes here.