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Breakthrough for the construction industry

In 2019, Integrated Materials Solutions became the first Irish company to be granted an End of Waste Decision from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to allow recycling of waste concrete into secondary aggregates.

Our managed recovery of used concrete and our state-of-the-art recycling processes meet the highest certified engineering and quality standards to guarantee our customers a fully fit-for-purpose material.

Our recycled aggregate, Greenstone, comprises a number of material types for use in bound and unbound aggregate application in civil engineering and roads construction projects.

Environmental Impact

The construction sector – vital though it is to our lives – has been a significant contributor to today’s environmental challenges. In the EU:

  • Over 35% of the EU’s total waste generation is coming from the construction industry
  • Up to 5-12% of total national greenhouse gas emissions come from material extraction, manufacturing construction products, and construction and renovation work
  • It is estimated that c. 50% of construction waste is recycled. However, in Ireland, that figure is much lower as there has been a lack of indigenous recycling facilities

In 2019, Ireland produced c. 7.5 million tonnes of construction waste, of which c. 10% was waste concrete. In addition, an estimated 36 million tonnes of aggregates were also produced in Ireland last year. If a significant percentage of 2019’s aggregate demand had been met by recycled aggregate, the environmental and economic benefits would have been considerable.

The Greenstone solution

With IMS becoming the first Irish company permitted by the EPA to produce recycled aggregates, we can now address the situation and help the Irish construction industry to move to a more circular economy.

Recycling concrete not only diverts useful materials from landfill, saving landfill void, it also reduces the demand for new extraction of virgin aggregates. In keeping with the most up-to-date green thinking and environmental directives, Greenstone was created by recycling recovered waste material and turning it into engineering-grade aggregates certified by NSAI for reuse back in construction projects.

Following a detailed Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and independent verification, our recycled aggregate have been certified to have a carbon footprint of only 5% of virgin aggregates. The results of the LCA have been used to produce a certified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) which is registered with the Irish Green Building Council.

Greenstone is a major step forward in the shift to a more circular economy and an example of IMS’s ever-expanding environmental services and eagerness to find sustainable solutions to support Ireland’s construction industry.

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