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Our mission is to delight our customers – wherever they are in the world – with the best technical solutions to their engineering challenges.  


Since 1959 our engineers have been providing international project teams with direct access to world class engineering expertise, manufactured solutions and the very best customer service. We’re relentless in our pursuit of the right solution and we won’t rest until we solve your technical problem. We take pride in getting things right and helping your project to succeed. 


We understand that the performance and structural integrity of our client’s assets can be reliant on our products and that the design process to incorporate them into their designs can be complex, so it is critical that we understand the performance requirements of what we are working on. Where necessary we work closely and proactively with the project team to ensure that the solution will work with maximum efficiency and at a competitive cost. We invest heavily in the research, development and testing of our products and knowledge of the applications to ensure they are the best they can be and that their performance is assured.


Structural Thermal Breaks - Farrat Structural Thermal Breaks are favoured across the construction industry, as the most efficient & responsible way to thermally separate structural connections and prevent heat loss in the building envelope. Our three Structural Thermal Break materials include; Farrat TBL and Farrat TBK – both BBA Certificated and Passivehaus Approved – and Farrat TBF, the markets first A2 Fire-rated high strength Structural Thermal Break material.

Building Acoustics - With over 60 years’ experience in acoustic isolation, Farrat developed the Farrat Cine range as the ultimate answer to the cinema market’s most demanding acoustic challenges. From initial consultation, through to design, manufacture, supply, installation and inspection, we will ensure that the Farrat Cine system you select is the most effective solution for your project.

Building Vibration Isolation – Farrat vibration control solutions for buildings and building structures provide long-term protection from low frequency ground-borne noise and vibration generated from external sources such as underground and overground railways, nightclubs and busy roads, for the entire life of the building.

Industrial Vibration Control – Farrat support manufacturers to improve product quality, output (OEE) and employee health by overcoming the costly effects of vibration in machinery and building structures. We achieve this through engineering led services and solutions tailored to your specific needs (your project, your plant, your machines, your process parameters). Our solutions are delivered globally as a proactive, rapid response service in order to keep projects and production processes on track.

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