How to Internally Insulate Solid Stone and Brick Walls with The Green Register

11 October 2022
09:00 AM To 11:00 AM GMT +00:00
 +44 (0)117 377 3490
GBP From £30.00

Attend this two-hour session to learn about the challenges including moisture management, techniques and materials for internally insulating traditionally built properties with solid stone and brick walls.

Modern cavity wall buildings are usually insulated within the cavity. However, in the UK 28% (approximately 7 million) of all houses have solid wall construction and obviously cavity insulation is not a solution for their thermal upgrade.

External wall insulation could be an option however it is not always preferable or permissible, either because it inevitably changes the external appearance of the building or because of regulatory restrictions (e.g. listed buildings). Internal wall Insulation is more difficult and sometimes more expensive to apply, however the thermal comfort, potential energy savings and moisture regulation make it worthwhile.

Internal insulation will change the nature of the wall and the way the building performs. It can incorporate risks and may create more problems than benefits if not well-thought-out and designed appropriately.

Training will be with expert trainers Ilias Igoumenidis and Dave Judd from Ecological Building Systems. Ilias and Dave will discuss all the parameters to be considered in relation to internal wall insulation.


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2022-10-11 2022-10-11 How to Internally Insulate Solid Stone and Brick Walls with The Green Register