The Green Register - Checking the Pulse: Passivhaus in Practice

1 July 2021
09:00 AM To 01:00 PM GMT -11:00
 +44(0)117 377 3490
GBP From £50.00

This informative session will chart the rapid acceptance of passivhaus in the UK and Ireland as an achievable, affordable standard that can make a huge contribution to reducing the impact buildings have on our environment.

After an opening address from Jon Bootland, CEO of the Passivhaus Trust, we’ll hear from Sally Godber, building services engineer and co-founder of WARM (energy consultancy and passivhaus design).  Sally will look back at where passivhaus was at the beginning of this century, where we are now and what the future looks like for this important building standard. Sally will also touch on how costs for building to passivhaus standard have decreased as our understanding increases.

Hannah Jones and Paul Smith of Greengauge engineers will explain the implications that Covid-19 has had on ventilation systems, talk about the potential for aerosol transmission in poorly ventilated indoor spaces and the role of MVHR in reducing this risk.

They will then present some key mitigation measures we have available to improve the efficiencies of indoor ventilation to reduce the risk of spreading SARS-CoV-2 through airborne transmission and finish with the implications this has on MVHR design, unit selection, ventilation rates, power consumption and management control systems.

Following Greengauge’s talk, we will present four ’warts-and-all’ case studies, including one from Niall Crosson, to illustrate how the standard is applied across different building types, where the design team - a combination of the architect, client, contractor and building services engineer - encountered challenges and how they overcame them.


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