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EcoReview have been providing sustainability consultancy services in Ireland since 2012. The knowledge and experience we have gained in the Netherlands – where world-class sustainability practice is an everyday part of business – is now available to our Irish clients. Our first clients in Ireland availed of our LCA services to provide Environmental Product Declarations for their manufactured goods.

We have since worked closely with the IGBC in developing the system for the introduction and operation of Environmental Product Declarations in Ireland. This has involved developing the Irish Assessment Methodology for the implementation EPDs in Ireland, via the standards I.S. EN 15804 and I.S. EN 16790.

Since 2017 EcoReview have been the Irish licensee for the operation and implementation of EcoChain environmental management software, and we are currently implementing this software tool for Irish clients. EcoChain was established in the Netherlands in 2011, and has quickly grown to be one of the most successful environmental management (and reporting) software tools on the market.

Environmental reporting

We use the EcoChain tool to benchmark, monitor, improve and report on our clients’ environmental performance. Environmental performance reporting is an important element of mandatory non-financial reporting for large businesses. EcoReview provide this service cost-effectively and efficiently. We train and upskill businesses so that they themselves can monitor, measure and report on their environmental performance on an annual basis, using the EcoChain tool.

Life cycle assessment

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is at the core of the services we provide. An LCA is a comprehensive measurement of the environmental impacts of a product or service over its entire life cycle, from sourcing raw materials through manufacturing and use, to end of life. The LCA is carried out using the EcocChain tool, and the LCA forms the basis of the environmental reporting for the enterprise, as well as being the foundation data for an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for manufactured goods or service.

Policy advisory

As a leading Irish LCA practitioner in the construction industry in Ireland, we are playing a pivotal role in bringing the application of LCAs and EPDs to the market. We have assisted the Irish Green Building Council in the development of an Irish platform for implementation and operation of EPDs. We have provided expert advice to government departments, semi-state bodies and policymakers in the Netherlands and Ireland on integrating strong sustainability criteria into procurement procedures.

Environmental product declarations

We provide Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for manufactured goods. An EPD is an objective and independent declaration of the full environmental impact of a manufactured product. EPDs are the essential currency for communicating the environmental impacts of products. EPDs are carried out in accordance with I.S. EN15804.

Product EPDs used in the construction industry count for additional credits under the BREEAM and LEED systems, as well as the Irish Green Building Council’s Home Performance Index. Products that have EPDs are used preferentially on these projects over products without EPDs, because product EPDs increase the BREEAM/LEED rating of the building. Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) also require EPDs for the carbon footprinting of road and rail infrastructure projects.

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