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We simplify Passivhaus to deliver energy efficient and sustainable modular homes

We provide all the energy efficiency, comfort and carbon-saving benefits of the Passivhaus standard with the speed and versatility of volumetric modular construction. We’re committed to building and retrofitting high performance homes that achieve Net Zero.

Our award winning, patented and certified Passivhaus build system saves CO2 every day for a Net Zero future

We’ve built hundreds of energy efficient, low and net zero carbon homes to Passivhaus standard across the UK. But we build so much more than high quality, sustainable homes. We build strong, supportive communities. We build rewarding careers in construction. We build prosperity. And we build brighter futures.

Our story

Beattie Passive was born from a desire to improve the energy efficiency of UK homes, raise building standards and narrow the performance gap that continues to plague the construction industry. In recent years, our work has become even more urgent, to tackle the housing crisis, homelessness and fuel poverty, while improving living standards and decarbonising construction.

“We’ve been committed to Passivhaus from the start, because the benefits are so compelling. It’s the Passivhaus standard that raises living standards for occupants, lowers their energy bills and cuts their carbon emissions. It ticks all the boxes. The energy efficiency is absolutely remarkable. We’re here to raise awareness and make Passivhaus more accessible to everyone.”

- Ron Beattie, Founder & Managing Director, Beattie Passive

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