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Acara Concepts Ltd

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Our Ethos

Our ethos is to adopt a fabric first approach to building design so we supply thermal insulation and acoustic insulation materials which are all natural and sustainable to ensure healthy and durable buildings. Natural materials also significantly reduce carbon emissions. 

Pavatex Wood Fibre Thermal Insulation

Acara Concepts supply Pavatex Wood Fibre Thermal Insulation which is breathable or vapour-open and so enables water vapour and condensation to pass through it so that it can evaporate through the building structure.  This keeps the building structure dry and reduces any risk of rot and mould growth.  Wood fibre insulation is excellent at reducing thermal bridging so makes buildings much more energy efficient.  Pavatex wood fibre is much more than just thermal insulation - it provides thermal mass so reduces summer time overheating, it adds acoustic insulation so keeps buildings quieter, it is natural so doesn't emit harmful toxins into the home and it is vapour-open so works in harmony with our natural environment rather than against it. 

PhoneStar Acoustic Insulation

We also supply PhoneStar Acoustic Insulation which is a high performance board for reducing sound transmission between walls, floors and ceilings. PhoneStar is only 15mm thick and it reduces both airborne sound (e.g. talking, music, shouting noise) and impact sound (e.g. footstep and dragging furniture noise). PhoneStar can be used on a new build or as a retrofit product.  This soundproofing board is widely used to reduce noise from noisy neighbours.  It can be installed on masonry or timber frame structures to provide excellent results.

Lignotrend Natural Timber Acoustic Absorption Panels 

Another product in our range is Lignotrend Natural Timber Acoustic Absorption Panels which absorb reverberation noises from within rooms.  Many rooms - particularly large rooms with hard surfaces - suffer from very bad acoustics because the noise bounces around the room creating annoying echoes. This creates stressful situations and speech intelligibility suffers. The Lignotrend panels consist of natural solid silver fir timber slats with a wood fibre absorption layer at the back of the panel. These high quality finished panels are very aesthetically pleasing and can be used on ceilings or walls. 

Komandor Acoustic Folding Partition Walls

We also supply and install Komandor Acoustic Folding Partition Walls.  These made to measure walls are ideal for dividing large rooms into smaller spaces to provide greater flexibility. Komandor movable walls are primarily suited to commercial use. The high quality walls are available in a wide range of colours and can be manufactured to two different acoustic ratings and to Class O Fire Class if required. 

Our Service

We are a small company and we pride ourselves on offering a friendly and professional service to our customers. We will offer technical advice and support at each step of your project. In addition, we can undertake WUFI analysis which ensures that interstitial condensation will not occur within certain critical structures when insulating with Pavatex wood fibre. Acara Concepts are material suppliers rather than installers, but we do work with some installers, so we may be able to help you in that regard. However the Komandor Walls are supplied and installed by a fully trained installation team. 

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