Dudley Colley

Dudley Colley

Guide to external insulation

Issue 21 (May/June) of Passive House Plus will include a guide to external insulation.

A practical, plain English guide on one of the best available options for low energy building and upgrading.

A green builder's dream home

This is what you get when one of Ireland’s most experienced low energy builders creates a home for his own family, with help from one of the country’s foremost ecological architects — a modern and elegant passive house that pays detailed attention to sustainability at every turn.

International - Issue 20 gallery

This issue features a striking spaceship home in Madrid and a rustic retreat in New York State.

Step-by-step Wicklow upgrade takes the long view

This stylish contemporary upgrade and extension could provide a template for the deep retrofit of many family homes, with its owners aiming to bring it up to Enerphit, the passive house standard for retrofit, gradually rather than all at once.

Our first 18 months in a passive house

In the summer of 2015, Cheryl Hitchcock and Dudley Thompson moved from an energy-hogging Victorian home into a new timber frame passive house in Cumbria’s Eden Valley. Below, they give a frank account of what their first year and a half in their new home has been like — and reveal how shockingly low their energy bills are.

Historic London house gets near passive transformation

The default answer when you want to do pretty much anything to a listed building is ‘no’. The default assumption if you want to achieve the Enerphit standard for retrofit is ‘tackle everything’. So how on earth do you retrofit a listed building to within a whisker of the Enerphit standard — with the blessing of the conservation officer?

Active learning at Aberdeen passive nursery

A brand new passive-certified nursery at the University of Aberdeen provides the children of staff and students with a bright, warm and healthy space for learning and playing.

Simple & stunning highlands passive house mixes old & new

Mixing modern standards of super-insulation with vernacular farmhouse architecture led to the creation of a very special home for proprietors Jeanette and Jon Fenwick — one that picked up a coveted UK Passivhaus Award in 2016.

Norfolk straw-bale cottage shoots for passive

Lenny Antonelli speaks to architect Fran Bradshaw of Anne Thorne Architects, who designed and built a straw-bale home for herself in Hickling, Norfolk two years ago — and aimed to meet the passive house standard while doing so, with only a single infrared electric panel as the building’s sole active heat source.

Brecon Beacons stone cottage gets Enerphit upgrade

When it came to upgrading an old stone-walled building to the Enerphit standard — with all the inherent challenges such an upgrade poses for energy, airtightness and moisture — who better to have as your client and defacto site manager than a professor of physics?
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