The deepest greenest retrofit image gallery

With obsessive attention to preserving and restoring the original fabric of these two Victorian townhouses, and a commitment to shunning petrochemicals and using only natural materials, could this be the most wildly ambitious and sustainable passive retrofit ever undertaken in the UK?

Passive mews fit for a physio image gallery

This beautifully designed passive house showcases some of the very best in contemporary urban architecture, responding thoughtfully to its historic surroundings while making ultra-intelligent use of space to create an airy, warm and light-filled home on a small mews site in South London.

Good mews story image gallery

An award-winning social housing development in South Dublin points to a sustainable way out of Ireland’s housing crisis.

Holy trinity image gallery

Situated in a stunning location in the west of Ireland, between Galway Bay and the limestone hills of the Burren, this project provided a complex challenge in three parts: deep retrofit an old cottage into a yoga studio, reinvigorate its original extension, and build a new barrel-roofed passive-grade extension — then make it all work together as one unified home and workspace.

International - Issue 28

This issue features the 28-storey Bolueta building in Bilbao, which is the tallest building in the world certified to the passive house standard, and a clothing factory in Sri Lanka that’s also the first passive house project in South Asia.

Passive Wexford bungalow

Architect Zeno Winkens has designed a fairly traditional Irish home that also manages to include some unique passive house design touches.

Deep green passive house

With Old Holloway Cottage, located in rural Herefordshire, architect Juraj Mikurcik and his wife Joyce have lovingly crafted a beautiful-yetsimple passive home.

Elegant Mayo A1 longhouse

The home of a local passive house builder, this super low energy home in County Mayo is inspired by traditional building forms in the west of Ireland.

International - Issue 27

This issue features a five-storey townhouse in New York, which became the first ‘passive house plus’ project in the US, and a passive house certified scheme of 138 apartments in Munich.

Sleek but large Herts passive house

The Deerings, a large new certified passive house in the Hertfordshire village of Harpenden, is the stunning result of meticulous attention to design, energy efficiency and ecological materials

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