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Acoustic Materials

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Soundproofing, room echo elimination

Since 2014, AM Acoustic Materials have carried out soundproofing and echo elimination projects for commercial, industrial and residential clients.

AM Acoustic Materials provide soundproofing for walls, floors, ceilings and doors. Our AM Soundproofing Board provides homes and commercial buildings with proven airborne and impact soundproofing. The AM Soundproofing Board is environmentally friendly, made from recyclable materials. It is heat treated making it resistant to mildew and pests. AM Acoustic Materials provide acoustic products, which help to absorb sound and reduce the reverberation time (echo) in the room.

AM Acoustic Materials can provide you with wide selection of Acoustic panels, Acoustic foams, Acoustic fabric panels, Acoustic furniture, Custom build panels.

Acoustic Materials
Unit 8 Glenfield
Kilcoole Industrial Estate
Co Wicklow